Born in Viareggio in Italy in 1965, I studied literature at the University of Pisa.
In 1989, I moved to Milan to work as an assistant photographer at Superstudio, the largest photo studio in Europe at the time. There, I had the chance to work for prominent photographers. With them I learned about fashion photography, portrait techniques and still life.
After two years, I came back home to Versilia where I started my own business, alongside working with fashion magazines and fellow photographers in Milan.
I always had a passion for the sea, and this led me to photograph superyachts and shipyards. In 2002 I started working for the major players of the superyacht industry. I had the chance to photograph some of the most remarkable superyachts ever built. My interior photos and running shots have been featured on the front covers of all the major yachting magazines.
I enjoy industrial and corporate photography and amongst my clients, I have the most important luxury linens brands, industrial painting companies, paper converting machine producers, precision gun manufactures, and doll makers. I had the opportunity to portrait painters, sculptors, musicians and business people for various magazines.